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Our Mission

To develop strategic and scientific approaches in tackling the root causes of direct & structured violence that result in the creation of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons. ARA is also involved in practical approaches to Refugee & IDP situations in Nigeria & Africa as whole.

Our emphasis will focus on amongst other activities, Peace Education, Artistic Presentations, Community Participatory Initiatives and Publications aimed at promoting and developing local integration.

Our Aims and Objectives

Our Facilitating Development initiative seeks to amongst other aims
Find solutions to challenges, without a per-established influencing agenda, Develop a process whereby an ability to recruit local or locally experienced volunteers and staff, knowledgeable about specific community development initiatives in the Health, Education and Welfare spheres is apparent.There is an urgent need to look at a range of possible ways of using development assistance funds that reduce their harmful impacts on country institutions and explore fresh avenues for constructive engagement. In this context, it seems important that there must exist, a new breed of development support organizations that are geared to addressing challenges of these sorts in order to reach a common goal. That goal is what we are presenting here today.

It is too early to expect robust evaluation results that would allow us to judge how much of an impact this initiative will have but we are confident that current trends globally seek to reinforce its efficacy. It was thought initially that a feature of the core model might be an ability to recruit local or locally experienced staff on long-term contracts. Effective facilitation work can be done, it seems, by very different sorts of people, and the particular knowledge and skills that count seem to be activity-specific and quite diverse. We have simplified the format for Community based Organizations, local development agencies and small grass root enthusiasts to be part of this movement.

African Refugees Aid

1. Find solutions to challenges
2. Develop process to recruit locally
3. Community development initiatives in Health, Education and Welfare
4. Possible ways to use Development Assistance Funds After Sales Support


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